In this blog post,you will learn when and how to start investing when you are young. What do you need to start investing and how can that help you retire early.READ AND FIND OUT.

Invest when you are young

start early to invest

No matter your age as you are reading this post,start investing as soon as you finish reading .If I had known at the age of twenty, what I know today, I would be a very wealthy woman.
One of the most important things you can do to ensure early financial freedom is to just start investing – now! Don’t wait because time really is not in your favor. And, some people think they have to be perfect and know everything before they can start to do anything.

Many people think you need a lot to start investing now. That is not the case. You can invest with as little as $5.00 per week.I am using the minimum amount here so that nobody will have an excuse not to start investing when you are still young .Can you imagine how much you will have in your account at the age of 50 or 60 if you started investing from the age of 20? Expecially if you invested in a mutual fund?I am not talking about savings here.I am talking about investing.

Investing verses savings

An example of starting young to invest money in various

Saving money cannot make you rich. Even when you start when you are young.Investing money early enough can make you wealthy later.

Saving money won’t make you rich, but it will be there when you need it. Savings are when you put your money in checking accounts, savings accounts, , etc. Investing involves more risk, but if you make good investment decisions, your investments will yield higher returns over time than savings. Investing is when you put your money in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, etc. As I said earlier, when I was younger,I used to think that retirement was very very far away. Now I wish I had paid more attention to different ways of investing to yield profits.

Some people might not be too comfortable with these kinds of investments. Most people are afraid that these bonds or mutual fund financial establishments might crash at any time.I relate to your fear. If that is the problem you have with investment.But is that enough reason not to invest somehow or somewhere?

That is why I am introducing you to the SFI OPPORTUNITY

Investing in your knowledge level

Creating wealth first involves investment in your knowledge level. Secondly in a system that will yield huge profits later.It is not something that can happen overnight.Forget all the numerous post on social media that promise overnight success.If that was possible, everybody will be wealthy.

I’ve tried several investment over the last 10 years. I’ve learned what it takes to build a business that earns a profit. So, I understand that I have to invest work, time, and money now in order to get a future, larger return. It doesn’t always work, but I’ve been successful more often than not.

you need to read more to know how to invest when you are young

That said, I think it is unrealistic to expect someone with no knowledge of marketing, advertising, and building a business to “get” the SFI opportunity quickly. A great resource for you if you want to grow wealth is Cashflow Quadrant, by Robert Kiyosaki. It really helped me a lot. It educated me about the different kinds of people in the world also how to develop a business mind.

When I read it a couple of years ago, I started understanding a lot of things.Most expecially the huge differences between the left side of Kiyosaki’s quadrant (employee and self-employed) and the right side of the quadrant (business owner and investor).

Read financial /Wealth creation books

When I read “Rich dad Poor dad” , I understood the difference between three kinds of people.Employees and self-employed people trade time for money .This is usually on a static ratio that only changes if they get a raise, charge more per hour or per project. . If you work, you earn a certain amount. Most times several dollars per hour.The summary is that Employees exchange time and energy for money

On the other hand, business owners and investors learn how to concentrate their efforts and money up front.They later receive a larger return in the future as their investments are leveraged and compounded.

Develop a business mind

Without developing a business mind,you will throw in the towel when things do not work as fast as you want. For example, as the owner of a marketing business,I work almost entirely online. I’m earning money for things I did last week, last month, and even several years ago. This is because I invested the time, effort, and money in the past. As a result, today I have several income streams that provide 50% of my income. I work from the comfort of my house. I really do earn while I sleep!

Have an investing mindset

searching for potential investments when you are still young

The patience required to keep building and looking for potential comes from my experience of building and owning past businesses and watching, over time, as my income from my marketing business continues to grow. Without that experience and an ever-changing mindset, I would have bailed out a long time ago because I didn’t see the big picture and couldn’t understand the potential.

After all has been said and done ,You also have to have faith and hope that your efforts will be rewarded. I decided that my marketing business /online wealth creation won’t fail. It has to succeed because that is the only outcome I will accept. That gives me the fortitude to weather problems and find ways around obstacles that would have otherwise defeated me several times over the last few years. You need to develop such a positive attitute to succeed.You can read THIS POST TO SEE HOW TO DO THAT

There are occasional downturns and some really horrible months now and then, but overall, the trend is upward. JOIN THE SFI OPPORTUNITY: JUST KEEP HOPE ALIVE AND KEEP LEARNING AND WORKING AND BEFORE YOU KNOW IT YOU WILL BE FINANCIALLY FREE AND RETIRE EARLY



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