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I am a trained Medical laboratory Scientist with a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry and over 24 years of Medical laboratory Experience  Specializing in Quality Management and Laboratory Auditing.During the years of work for other peoples Companies ,My desire to use what was inside of me to create wealth continued to grow.This desire was fueled by the sadness I felt when   I hear of people retiring at the age of 60 or 65 with nothing to show for there long years of dedicated  service

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My hunger  for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has contributed to my journey to search and find out how to create wealth from the comfort of your home along side your 9 to 5 job  . It has not been easy to find ways to create wealth from online activities .I tried many ,Most did not work but a few worked .It has been a slow but fulfilling journey so far

Meanwhile.  I believe that mindfulness ,dedication and focus is key to success, a tenet I  live out through my interests and focus on wealth creation online and offline. 

am not a computer expert but I have this believe that if you set your mind to get something accomplished and you desire it

 hard enough, Nothing can stop you from accomplishing what you set out to do

This website is a site where I will teach you how to create wealth from the comfort of your home ,how to create a professional website and  monetize it .If sewing is your passion then welcome you are in the right place.

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